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Hi! My name is Brandalynn.

My love for all things liquid extends from NA spirits, sparkle beverages, and couture hot chocolate, to the finest pilsner, fanciest boxed wine, or that extra rare champagne.
I consult, sling, and sample!

I am a Freelance consultant in the craft beverage industry, specializing in licensing compliance (federal, state, local) but also handle retail sales, distribution, and management / SOP guidance.

My background is mostly in beer. I co-founded Zeroday Brewing Company in 2011 with doors officially opened in March, 2015. I served on many committees for the Brewers of PA guild before being elected to the Board for the 2018-2020 term. I also helped create, coordinate, and teach the Brewing Sciences feeder program at Harrisburg Area Community College for five years, focusing on the business of beer, IP, entity creation,  mental health awareness for entrepreneurs, etc. 

In 2018 I had life changing back surgery, and in Dec. 2019 sold my interests to embark on a new journey - LIVING MY LIFE PAIN FREE! I moved from Harrisburg, PA to right outside Philly.

I started my consulting business as side work in 2018, and have continued to work on referral on some cool projects since! I have worked in various areas of beverage over the last decade. 

Most recently, I helped launch a gluten-free honey spritzer brand called Weekend Water® while serving as the Director of Operations for a meadery that was unfortunately hit by Hurricane Ida.  I have transitioned back into freelance consulting and I am slowly building my consulting business. 

I have a lifestyle blog that I should update more

I am great at liquor code, terrible at websites.

Looking forward to meeting you!