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I attended Oregon State University for archaeology, but shortly after graduation realized that wasn't the career I wanted to pursue. A few years after graduation I worked a wine harvest at a small winery in Oregon and due to that was given an opportunity to work a harvest in New Zealand. Upon returning from New Zealand I decided winemaking was it and I enrolled in the winemaking program at Chemeketa Community College.

After returning to Oregon from working a harvest in California in late fall of 2009, I started working at Heater Allen, the brewery my father had started in 2007. Part of me thought I would always go back to wine, but here I am 10+ years later still working for the family biz. I sometimes miss winemaking, but I love beer and the process behind it.

Born and raised in the Portland, Oregon area, I feel like I kind of grew up with the craft beer scene. I enjoy cooking, running, dogs, traveling and drinking (especially wine, but especially beer).