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I'm the CEO of Not Your Hobby Marketing Solutions, the only business-focused educational services company built specifically for the craft beverage industry. I take the guesswork out of your sales, marketing, and distribution plans. Prior to starting my company, I spent over 15 years in the service industry and 10+ years on the sales and marketing side of the specialty beer industry. I reside right outside of Denver, Colorado with my husband, two sons, and a gaggle of pets. Our second home is in the mountains, I'm a super sci-fi nerd, I love to cook, and I used to play in a competitive billiards league (don't challenge me to a pool match over beers) 😉I've been in PBS for years, but just became the Denver chapter co-lead. I'm also Cicerone Certified, a member of multiple state brewer's guilds, Women of the Vine and Spirits, and the TX State Alumni Association. I speak at multiple industry events each year, and I'm also a published author.